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To Little Sisters, Big Sisters and Visitors alike,


April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014

Because of you, we were. Thank you, Dr. Angelou for being an inspiration, for daring to dream and feel and be.  Your legacy, the words that you penned to paper, will live on in our hearts and prayfully, in our deeds.

We hope  to make you proud,

Project Sisterhood, Inc.

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Beauty Emergency

911…Beauty Emergency!

  Hey there little sis! Are you in a hurry for a night out with some friends over the holiday break or a special school event? Let us guess, something terrible has gone wrong….a zit? Dark circles? Frizzy hair? Uh oh! Well don’t worry, Project Sisterhood has found some great beauty tips that can make …

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Positivity is Key

Little sisters, have you ever encountered a situation where a person you are dealing with is being very negative about everything? It makes it difficult for you to even look at the positive side of things, doesn’t it? I have found that you cannot fight fire with fire. I find it to be more beneficial …

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role model

The Role Model Effect

Let’s talk about healthy relationships with those people that you believe you know, but don’t really know. Yes Sis, believe it or not, we have special relationships with those people in the spotlight, famous role models. A healthy relationship with a famous role model is one where we look at their accomplishments and strive to …

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Mirror Sticky Notes

Say It Loud, Say It Proud…Speak Your Beauty!

  Don’t depend on someone else to tell you that you are beautiful…know it for yourself first. We see it all the time in movies don’t we Sis? A girl may have little confidence in herself until a guy comes along and suddenly she is a brand new person. Perhaps that does happen in some …

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